Agile Coaching - Scrum Coaching and Onsite Agile Coaching

Transition to Agile and Scrum is a big change. We help you go through the Agile transition, and help you avoid the costly mistakes.

Change is hard. Changing culture is even harder

You need a deep understanding of the process, and most importantly the pitfalls. Mistakes cost a lot of money, time and energy. An experienced Agile Coach provides a helping hand to enable you to succeed in your Agile and Scrum adoption.

"Tell Me and I Forget, Show Me and I Remember But Involve Me and I Learn"

Our Agile Coaching combine elements of a teacher, a counselor, a guide, and a facilitator. We tailor our Agile Coaching services according to your specific needs. We help you in

  • Getting Started: How do you get Agile and Scrum adoption off the ground? How to kick start an Agile project? How to create and manage Product and Sprint Backlogs? How to run effective Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. How to continuously inspect and adapt.
  • Continuous Improvement: Already started using Agile and Scrum? We can help you get the maximum out of your efforts, resolve road blocks and in many cases help you avoid costly roadblocks altogether. We work closely with stakeholders, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and team members to cover all corners, and help you create effective Agile teams.
  • Some of Our Customers

    • BBC
    • Financial Times
    • Bankwest
    • ING Direct
    • BSkyB
    • Telefonica O2
    • Ocado
    • Marks & Spencer
    • Wonga
    • ABB
    • Nokia
    • TFL

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You'll be in Experienced Hands. Faisal Mahmood, Our Lead Agile Coach, Has Coached and Trained Over 2,000 Smart People Globally

Faisal Mahmood

Faisal Mahmood is the author of the book Agile Adoption Mistakes You Must Avoid and several articles on Agile and Scrum. Faisal is an Agile Coach and Certified Professional Scrum Trainer. He has trained, mentored and coacheed individuals, teams and organizations in eight countries.

Faisal has delivered Agile coaching to companies such as Telefonica O2, British Gas, Elisa and Itella Information. He had delivered Agile and Scrum Training to people from leading companies such as JPMorgan, BBC, Financial Times, ING Direct, BSkyB, Nokia, Bankwest, and Marks & Spencer to name a few. Faisal has worked with teams in UK, USA, Finland, Malta and Norway.

What Do Some of His Customers Say

Dan Tillin - Technical Team Lead UBM Aviation Worldwide Limited
I found Faisal to be extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter, and able to highlight the commercial and personal benefits of adopting Agile methodologies.

Graham Lovelady - Telefonica UK
I found Faisal to be (a) extremely knowledgable on the subject, and (b) a very professional, capable presenter. He clearly knows Agile and Scrum subject well, utilising personal experience to demonstrate the points made.

Matthew Steer, Senior Manager FSO IT Advisory, Ernst & Young (Colleague)
Faisal is a highly experienced agile coach and consultant. He has a deep knowledge of all aspects relating to agile but more importantly he has the skills to fit methods and practices into the context of the organisation.

Martin Smith, Agile Scrum Coach, O2 UK (Colleague)
Faisal is very smart, articulate and knowledgeable. He "gets" agile and can convert his technical and management experience into effective guidance for those embarking on the Agile journey. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a Agile Coach and Trainer but also as a great colleague

Martin Yagi - Telecommunications Technical Consultant
Faisal has extensive knowledge and experience of Scrum.

Remove All the Guess Work. Get Help From Experts Who've Practiced Agile For Over 10 Years

Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your your Agile journey smoother and cost effective

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